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Burtons Grill Hits the 95.9 WATD-FM Studios

Bonfire Burger…. Beet Salad….. Watermelon Sangia…. Patio Dining….

The Tastes of Summer Come Alive at Burtons Grill

Bonfire Burger

The new Bonfire Burger at Burtons Grill is made with certified angus beef and topped with tomato jalapeño relish, sriracha, sweet and spicy chili pepper sauce, and shredded lettuce.

This Thursday, July 31, 2014, Burtons Grill superstars are coming into the 95.9 WATD-FM studios for a special MommaJam feature during the South Shore Morning News with Rob Hakala and Lisa Azizian.

We are tasting the new summer menu which debuts Burtons Grill’s Bonfire Burger and many other delectable dishes new and old.

Hear Hingham’s general manager and South Shore legend Stephen Slicis talk about the community and how Burtons has become a great place for families to socialize, especially after a game.  Top Chef Denise Herrera talks local ingredients, summer flavors and the new menu items that will win your heart (and tastebuds).

Best of all, Burtons Grill is a place parents can dine in style and have their kids eat a healthy, hearty meal made with real food.  The Burtons Grill B Choosy Children’s Menu is only $7 and lets kids pick and choose what they want from cool menu options.

If any one in your family has food allergies or special dietary needs, don’t worry.  Burtons Grill is a pioneer in serving customers panicked about cross contamination, celiac, allergies, and picky preferences.  This stress-free factor alone is reason to hang out at Burtons Grill for lunch or dinner with your kids.  Every mom can appreciate an upscale restaurant that also caters to families.

Listen live on the radio dial at 95.9 or from your computer, tablet or mobile phone at

In the meantime, check out Burtons Grill’s Monday Oyster Night and Tuesday Night Summer Solstice Specials at the Derby Street Shoppes in Hingham.



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MommaJam on 95.9 WATD-FM: 5 Tips for Bringing Baby to the Beach



Get the MommaJam Replay.

Click Arrow to Hear MommaJam on 95.9 WATD-FM on Thursday, July 24, 2014 with Morning Show Hosts Rob Hakala and Lisa Azizian.

 Please pardon the reverb – this show broadcasted live from a remote location.

95.9 WATD

In 2005, when MommaJam was a rookie mom going to the beach with a baby was full of drama.  Looking back as the veteran mom:  SIMPLIFY!

You will get through the day!

Here are the top 5 things you need for a successful day at the beach this summer:

1.  Shade

The most important item for beach babies is shade.   OneStepAhead has great baby cabanas in cute colors and styles.  These portable tents are easy to open and close and are the prefect spot for an afternoon nap (for the baby… I mean mom… I mean the baby…)

2.  Beach Stroller

Any jogging stroller that can handle terrain will do.  While I did bring the car seat/baby bucket to the beach a few times, you really want a place to park your baby, but can also move around.  Jogging strollers let you take a walk, induce a nap (baby), explore, and more.  Plus, jogging strollers make  nice sherpas.

3.  Baby-Friendly Sun Screen

Interestingly, the FDA doesn’t recommend sunscreen for babies, opting for shade instead.  However, that’s not entirely realistic (and not much fun)!  The Badger brand has a gentle sunscreen lotion with camomile that the company says is appropriate for babies under 6 months.  Go to for a full sunscreen report on what’s safe for babies, toddlers, bigger kids and adults.


Hydrate.  Nuff said.

5.  LUNCH for mom! :)

CRITICAL!  :)  Make this ahead of time – like the night before – so it’s ready to go.  Make sure lunch is easy to eat with one hand.

Most of all, have fun, take pictures and pray for nap time.


Surviving Baby’s First Summer at the Beach
Summer Excursions on the South Shore
Two Moms “Run” Oh Baby Fitness on South Shore

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Surviving Baby’s First Summer at the Beach

baby at beach

Oh What a Day!

By Sara Eberle, The New Mom

(This article was originally printed in July 2005 in the Lincoln Journal Newspaper)

Last summer, I was petrified to go to the beach alone with my 9-month-old baby, Evan. My family made fun of me when I brought along my young cousin, who is also our babysitter, but the thought of going solo gave me the shivers. There was just too much stuff to carry. I needed help schlepping all of the gear new moms feel obsessed to take, in one full swoop. It’s not as though I could leave Evan at the beach while I made a second run to my grandmother’s cottage to get everything. Plus, the idea of making more than one trip back and forth in the scorching sun, baby in arms, was exhausting.

The endless list of things moms need for the beach is quite comical. It goes something like this: Baby suntan lotion; grown up suntan lotion; hat for baby; extra hat for baby; hat for mom; cheap umbrella; tent type thing in case the umbrella blows away; stroller; car seat carrier; Pack `n Play portable crib; lunch for mom; baby food and spoons if your child is no longer breast feeding; a cooler with plenty of water and juicy snacks like grapes; the everyday diaper bag with regular and swim diapers, wipes, cream, bottles and pacifiers; plastic beach toys; change of clothes for the baby; change of clothes for mom; at least three big towels; a blanket to spread on the sand; and a beach chair. Whew!

The toughest part at the beach was Evan’s penchant for eating sand and wandering away. Just when I thought I could dig into a People magazine, which required looking down, he would shove fistfuls of pebbles and pieces of seaweed into his mouth. My days of relaxing in front of the surf had come to a screeching halt. Too young to sit and build sand castles, I was in for hot days of preventing a choking incident and chasing my crawling baby as he bee lined towards other people’s blankets.

I also had a hard time lathering up Evan with sun screen. Do you do the slather before getting to the beach even if the baby is crying or at the beach where you end up rubbing in sand? Since there are so many brands of sun block and babies have different skin types, it’s best to check with your pediatrician as to what product is safest for your child.

If Evan went down for a nap in the stroller, I could unwind for a few lucky minutes. But, usually at that point, my nieces, a little older than Evan, would throw around buckets full of icy cold Atlantic water, all at the encouragement of my mischievous father looking to stir up trouble. My favorite time at the beach with Evan was the end of the day. I would wrap him in his tiny terry cloth bathrobe all squeaking clean after a refreshing outdoor shower and snuggle up with a bottle to watch the sun go down.

This summer, I am looking forward to plenty of sunny, silly moments at the shore, especially since Evan is likely to join his cousins in dumping cold ocean water on mommy’s toes. A full morning of running around in salty sea air is sure to guarantee an early night’s sleep, leaving me to enjoy the evening with family and friends.

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Summer Excursions on the South Shore

95.9 WATD

Click Arrow Above to the Hear the Replay of MommaJam on 95.9 WATD-FM on Thursday, July 17, 2014.

3 Summer Excursions on Boston’s South Shore and Mid-Cape

Sometimes, moms are looking to fill the whole day!  On MommaJam, July 17, 17 at 7:10 a.m., we covered three great summer excursions to do with your kids.

1.   Heritage Museums and Gardens in Sandwich 

Just over the bridge on the Cape is a garden oasis that is great for kids to roam around.  Every Friday in the summer is Family Fun Fridays, featuring special activities and an outdoor concert at 11 a.m. at the outside concert stage.  Check out Wicked Plants, an exhibit about poisonous and deadly plants – creepy and campy at the same time.  Cool off in the gorgeous old-style-silo building that showcases two floors of breathtaking antique cars.  Pack a picnic or stop at the outside cafe for delicious food and treats for the kids.

2.  Ferry into Fanueil Hall, Boston
Take the weekday ferry from Hingham Shipyard into Rowes Wharf for a full day of historic fun.  Visit Fanueil Hall, go to Hillstones for lunch or dinner, check out the water fountains and explore the North End, walk to the Boston Children’s Museum or Aquarium on the waterfront.
Check here for ferry times to and from Boston.
Provincetown has numerous beaches, biking, museums, art galleries, boutiques, restaurants and more.  Make it a full day trip or stay over night in a B&B….
Tune in every Thursday at 7:10 a.m. on 95.9 WATD-FM.  Listen live on the radio dial or online at


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All Things Food + Burtons Grill

Tonight at 6:30 p.m. ET, tune into 95.9 WATD-FM to hear Burtons Grill and MommaJam on all Things Food, hosted weekly by Ilene and Jeff Hills.

We’re talking + tasting Burtons Grill’s new summer dishes (yummmm! – Bonfire Burger!) , and covering the B Choosy Children’s Menu (a no brainer for every family), gluten-sensitive options (which Burtons is famous for), fun cocktails, patio dining at the Derby Street Shoppes, Father Bill’s Food Fest in Quincy, and much more!

Listen live on the radio dial or connect online at
solstice-burtons-217x30095.9 WATDWATD959_AllThingsFood

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Two Moms “Run” South Shore Oh Baby Workout Program

95.9 WATD

Listen live and call in to win a free Oh Baby Fitness class of your choice.


This week’s MommaJam continues with our mom and baby workout theme that we’ve been talking about with Rob Hakala and new mom Lisa Azizian, co-hosts of the South Shore Morning News show on 95.9 WATD-FM.

On Thursday, May 29, 2014 at 7:10 a.m. we are profiling two moms on the South Shore who “run” (pun intended) a roving mom and baby workout business. Tune in to hear about these gals.

Listen live and call in to win a free Oh Baby Fitness class of your choice.

Katelyn Woodard of Marshfield and Kristen St. Amour of Pembroke have joined forces to license the national “Oh Baby” fitness program and offer numerous stroller, pool and mat-based work out classes for new and expecting moms.

The Oh Baby classes are all over the South Shore, so there’s no excuse – you really can find a class close to home. Here’s a list of all of the class locations, to date:

Plymouth Fitness
Webb’ Pro Fitness
Scituate Racquet and Fitness Club
The University Sports Complex
The Hingham Community Center
Forge Pond Park in Hanover
Abigail Adams Park in Weymouth
The Jewish Community Center of Greater Boston
Enhanced Integrated Wellness of Hingham
Hidden Pond at the Derby St. Shoppes

This dynamic duo also offers mom and baby and pregnancy water aerobics. And, you can take their pregnancy yoga at Enhance Integrated Wellness in Hingham.

Exercise for expecting moms and new moms is very important to ward of the baby blues, meet like-minded friends, and have fun. Post partum depression or ANY shade of the baby blues is serious. Classes like these draw moms together, help you bond with your baby and build a solid network of friends. Plus – you get a work out in and feel good!

The best way to register for classes is to go to:

You can also go to Katelyn and Kristen’s Oh Baby Facebook Page:

Sign up today! Get moving! Have fun!

Tune in on Thursday, May 29, 2014 to hear the live radio discussion of Oh Baby on the South Shore. You can listen live on the dial at 95.9 or online here.

Listen live and call in to win a free Oh Baby Fitness class of your choice.

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Boston Stronger

Boston Stronger

Boston Stronger

95.9 WATD-FMComing up on MommaJam, Thursday, April 17, 2014.

Tune in at 7:10 a.m. on 95.9 WATD-FM on the radio dial or online.
In the one year since the Boston Marathon bombings, the people affected by the tragedy have become stronger – through the support of family, friends, complete strangers and sheer will power.
This year, the Boston Marathon continues with pride, energy and determination.  Many stories focus on the athletes, but there’s a whole group of people running this grueling race to raise money for charities that benefit children.
Here’s a list of teams you can donate to this year – because we are Boston Stronger!
1.  House of Hope in Easton – this non-profit provides all sorts of incredible learning and adventure programs for kids with developmental disabilities.  The House of Hope also gives parents much needed “time off” to feel refreshed, renewed and ever vigilant when caring for someone who needs constant nurturing.
House of Hope is looking for runners!  If you’ve always wanted to run the marathon or want to run for a charity, but can’t get a bib, now is your chance.
2.  The Children’s Room in Arlington, which helps grieving teens and children cope with the death of family members.   Donate to this much needed non-profit that helps kids deal with difficult, life changing situations, such as a parent passing away.
3.  Children’s Hospital Boston – Miles for Miracles.  This team has already raised $2 million dollars!   Who hasn’t been to Children’s Hospital Boston – the best doctors are there!  The staff at every level from the valet attendants to world-famous surgeons are courteous and respectful and best in class.  The funds support much needed scientific research that keeps our children healthy and strong.
4.  Cops for Cancer - from Braintree on the South Shore
Provides funding for families with children who have cancer.
There’s been an overwhelming amount of people – thousands, in fact – who want to run for charities this year’s Boston marathon.  Instead donate to the teams who are running to help children in need.


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Free Friday Funday at Early Skills Center

95.9 WATD-FMTomorrow on MommaJam, we are giving away a FREE Friday Funday at the Early Skills Center in Norwell.  Kids must be 3 to 6 years old (kindergarteners welcome).  Funday has a wide variety of activities, such as a cozy story and craft time, a fun and engaging music and movement class, or a very loud and active theme based event (the most popular!).

Autumn Tree Tune in at 7:10 a.m. on 95.5 WATD-FM, Thursday, Sept. 26, 2013 for your chance to win!  We’re also talking about fall festivals around the South Shore.

You can listen live on dial or from your desktop or smart phone. 

Recent stories:
MommaJam on 95.9 WATD-FM: Burtons Grill Top Chef Has Tips for Packing a Healthy School Lunchbox

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MommaJam on 95.9 WATD-FM: Burtons Grill Top Chef Has Tips for Packing a Healthy School Lunchbox


Special MommaJam Feature on 95.9 WATD-FM:  We had Denise Herrera, the top chef from Burtons Grill at the Derby Street shops in Hingham, in the 95.9 WATD studio to talk about how to pack a healthy, delicious school lunch for your kids.

Burtons Grill has a great kids menu, called the B Choosy Children’s Menu, based on the new nutritional guidelines from the USDA.  Moms should go to Burtons Grill to snag a menu (and have a wonderful family meal or drinks with the girls while you’re there), bring the menu home, tape it to a kitchen cabinet, and then use the menu a guide for packing a healthy lunch everyday.

Click the arrow above to hear Denise’s inspiration and creative, scrumptious ideas for packing the ultimate lunchbox.

Go to for more information.  Enjoy!

Related Stories:

MommaJam on 95.9 WATD-FM:  School is Back in Session

Back to School: Go Trash Free with Back to School Lunches

The next MommaJam on 95.9 WATD-FM is Thursday, Oct. 4, 2012 at 7:10 a.m. ET.  Tune in for a second special feature with Burtons Grill chef Denise Herrera and tips for cooking apple pies and other fabulous fall flavors with kids.

You can like MommaJam on Facebook and follow on Twitter.  Write in to tell us what you want to hear!

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Originally published September 2012.

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MommaJam on 95.9 WATD-FM: School is Back in Session!

Originally posted on MommaJam:

School is Back in Session!

I applaud South Shore moms for getting through Hurricane Irene with no power for days on end and getting kids transitioned from summer to school.  It’s been a tough two weeks.  Hear the instant replay of MommaJam on 95.9 WATD-FM on Thursday, Sept. 8, 2011.


Anti-Tiger Moms Need to Roar Now That School’s in Session

For all the moms out there who were anti-tiger moms this summer, it’s time to amp up your  academic mind set and get roaring.

A refreshing on tiger moms:  Last year Amy Chua released a book called, “The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother,” which chronicles her strict ways to drive her kids academically.  Well, I was a bona fide ANTI-tiger mom this summer, and the transition into a learning and routine mind set has been tough.  But, it’s happening….

Here are tips for…

View original 359 more words

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