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Boston Stronger

Boston Stronger

Boston Stronger

95.9 WATD-FMComing up on MommaJam, Thursday, April 17, 2014.

Tune in at 7:10 a.m. on 95.9 WATD-FM on the radio dial or online.
In the one year since the Boston Marathon bombings, the people affected by the tragedy have become stronger – through the support of family, friends, complete strangers and sheer will power.
This year, the Boston Marathon continues with pride, energy and determination.  Many stories focus on the athletes, but there’s a whole group of people running this grueling race to raise money for charities that benefit children.
Here’s a list of teams you can donate to this year – because we are Boston Stronger!
1.  House of Hope in Easton – this non-profit provides all sorts of incredible learning and adventure programs for kids with developmental disabilities.  The House of Hope also gives parents much needed “time off” to feel refreshed, renewed and ever vigilant when caring for someone who needs constant nurturing.
House of Hope is looking for runners!  If you’ve always wanted to run the marathon or want to run for a charity, but can’t get a bib, now is your chance.
2.  The Children’s Room in Arlington, which helps grieving teens and children cope with the death of family members.   Donate to this much needed non-profit that helps kids deal with difficult, life changing situations, such as a parent passing away.
3.  Children’s Hospital Boston – Miles for Miracles.  This team has already raised $2 million dollars!   Who hasn’t been to Children’s Hospital Boston – the best doctors are there!  The staff at every level from the valet attendants to world-famous surgeons are courteous and respectful and best in class.  The funds support much needed scientific research that keeps our children healthy and strong.
4.  Cops for Cancer - from Braintree on the South Shore
Provides funding for families with children who have cancer.
There’s been an overwhelming amount of people – thousands, in fact – who want to run for charities this year’s Boston marathon.  Instead donate to the teams who are running to help children in need.


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Free Friday Funday at Early Skills Center

95.9 WATD-FMTomorrow on MommaJam, we are giving away a FREE Friday Funday at the Early Skills Center in Norwell.  Kids must be 3 to 6 years old (kindergarteners welcome).  Funday has a wide variety of activities, such as a cozy story and craft time, a fun and engaging music and movement class, or a very loud and active theme based event (the most popular!).

Autumn Tree Tune in at 7:10 a.m. on 95.5 WATD-FM, Thursday, Sept. 26, 2013 for your chance to win!  We’re also talking about fall festivals around the South Shore.

You can listen live on dial or from your desktop or smart phone. 

Recent stories:
MommaJam on 95.9 WATD-FM: Burtons Grill Top Chef Has Tips for Packing a Healthy School Lunchbox

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MommaJam on 95.9 WATD-FM: Burtons Grill Top Chef Has Tips for Packing a Healthy School Lunchbox


Special MommaJam Feature on 95.9 WATD-FM:  We had Denise Herrera, the top chef from Burtons Grill at the Derby Street shops in Hingham, in the 95.9 WATD studio to talk about how to pack a healthy, delicious school lunch for your kids.

Burtons Grill has a great kids menu, called the B Choosy Children’s Menu, based on the new nutritional guidelines from the USDA.  Moms should go to Burtons Grill to snag a menu (and have a wonderful family meal or drinks with the girls while you’re there), bring the menu home, tape it to a kitchen cabinet, and then use the menu a guide for packing a healthy lunch everyday.

Click the arrow above to hear Denise’s inspiration and creative, scrumptious ideas for packing the ultimate lunchbox.

Go to for more information.  Enjoy!

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MommaJam on 95.9 WATD-FM:  School is Back in Session

Back to School: Go Trash Free with Back to School Lunches

The next MommaJam on 95.9 WATD-FM is Thursday, Oct. 4, 2012 at 7:10 a.m. ET.  Tune in for a second special feature with Burtons Grill chef Denise Herrera and tips for cooking apple pies and other fabulous fall flavors with kids.

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Originally published September 2012.

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MommaJam on 95.9 WATD-FM: School is Back in Session!

Originally posted on MommaJam:

School is Back in Session!

I applaud South Shore moms for getting through Hurricane Irene with no power for days on end and getting kids transitioned from summer to school.  It’s been a tough two weeks.  Hear the instant replay of MommaJam on 95.9 WATD-FM on Thursday, Sept. 8, 2011.


Anti-Tiger Moms Need to Roar Now That School’s in Session

For all the moms out there who were anti-tiger moms this summer, it’s time to amp up your  academic mind set and get roaring.

A refreshing on tiger moms:  Last year Amy Chua released a book called, “The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother,” which chronicles her strict ways to drive her kids academically.  Well, I was a bona fide ANTI-tiger mom this summer, and the transition into a learning and routine mind set has been tough.  But, it’s happening….

Here are tips for…

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Back-to-School: Go Trash Free with Laptop Lunches

Originally posted on MommaJam:

This week on MommaJam, we interviewed Amy Hemmert, co-founder of Laptop Lunches, the leader in bento-box-style lunch boxes for kids and grown ups.  Tune into the interview to hear Amy talk about the bento box design and what inspired her to launch the company with Tammy Pelstring.


Laptop Lunches Bento Box

Parents can subscribe to get a weekly menu of lunch ideas on Laptop  The website overall is a great community to learn about eating healthy and packing food in an eco-friendly way.

We’ll continue the conversation about Laptop Lunches on 95.9 WATD-FM on Thursday, Sept. 22 at 7:10 a.m. with Morning Show cronies Rob Hakala and Lisa Azizian.  Tune in and listen live on the dial or from your desktop at

Rip It, Hear It, Play It!   Listen to MommaJam on the Go with…

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MommaJam on 95.9 WATD-FM: Healthy School Lunches & Tomato Season

Originally posted on MommaJam:


Fresh vegetarian pasta

Healthy Lunches for Kids

Check out the Sept. 9, 2010 MommaJam on Rob Hakala’s Weekday Morning Talk Radio Show on 95.9 WADT-FM.

This week’s MommaJam is all about simple back to school lunches.  Tune in to hear Rob and Sara debate grilling techniques, plus new, healthy lunch options for kids, retro lunches and peanut butter alternatives for food allergy families.

It’s tomato season.  You can get fresh tomatoes in your garden or at farm stands.  If you’re driving home from work or out running errands, stop by and pick up fresh, sun-kissed tomatoes.

You can make a ton of salads by pairing tomatoes with just one or two ingredients like mozzarella and fresh basil or oregano and feta cheese.  Just add olive oil and Kosher salt and serve with crusty Italian or French bread and you have a delicious meal.

If you are feeling ambitious, buy a bushel of…

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Green Your Lunches with PB Green Snack Bags and Sandwich Mats

Originally posted on MommaJam:


The eco-lunch movement is in full swing.

There are numerous reusable packaging products available today.  One company that makes durable and adorable eco-friendly snack bags and lunch mats is PB Green.  Founded by Paige Baran, a former teacher now mom and entrepreneur, PB Green makes totes in vibrant, bold colors, funky patterns, and themes that kids and adults will love.

To get a behind the scenes look at the company, listen to this interview with Paige, who talks about how the California-based company launched and her prototype experiments with zip lock bags (my favorite tidbit in the interview).  Paige also talks about the product line, how the bags are dishwasher safe, upcoming fabric designs, and school promotions.

If you are throwing away hundreds of plastic bags, it’s time for you to get PB Green bags.   Go…

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MommaJam on 95.9 WATD-FM: Burtons Grill Gluten-Free Summer BBQ

95.9 WATD-FMThis week on MommaJam we had top chef Denise Herrera from Burtons Grill Hingham dish about its Gluten Free BBQ dinner special that’s available tonight, Aug. 13, 2013.

The beauty of Burtons Grill is that you can special order gluten free every night, so if you miss this dinner – no worries. 

 (click arrow to hear replay of MommaJam on 95.9 WATD-FM on Thursday, Aug. 7)

Tune in to hear all about the sumer flavors simmering over at Burtons Grill.   The segment also features cooking tips for hot summer night and busy summer days.

Gluten-Free Creole Shrimp at Burtons Grill Hingham

The next MommaJam is Thursday, Aug. 22 at 7:10 a.m.  Listen live on dial at 95.9 or at on your smart phone or computer.

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MommaJam on 95.9 WATD-FM: Burtons Grill Top Chef Gives Summer Dining Tips

95.9 WATD-FM

 Click Arrow to Replay MommaJam on 95.9 WATD-FM, July 18, 2013.

This week, we have a special guest in the studio to talk about summer dining tips.

Denise Herrera, the top chef at Burtons Grill Hingham, “dishes” about delicious summer flavors, fresh herbs, her secret ingredient in the restaurant’s signature BBQ sauce (Shhhh… it’s chocolate!), $1 Oysters from local waters, the B Choosy Children’s Menu, and much more.

Photo: The weekend is here don't forget to make your reservation at Burtons Grill of Hingham,LLC  and let us do the cooking for you. Call us anytime (781)749-1007 hope to see you here this weekend.This week’s cool, dry weather is perfect for dining outside on the Burtons Grill patio at the Derby Street Shops in Hingham.

Click the above arrow to hear Denise’s interview and learn more about fresh summer flavors for you and your family.

Tune into MommaJam every Thursday morning on 95.9 WATD-FM.  Listen live on the dial or from your computer or smart phone.  Check back for podcast replays.

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Internet Safety this Summer

Childproofing Your Internet

Infographic by Veracode Application Security

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