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Outside of the Allegheny College Admissions Office

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This week at MommaJam, we are talking about college admissions.

‘Tis the season to be waiting for those big fat envelopes saying, “Yes, we want you!”

It’s nice to be wooed by a number of different colleges and universities.  But, getting to that point you need to apply to schools that are right for you.  This week at MommaJam, I talked to Lisa Hoffman, co-founder of a new website called BigFatEnvelope.Net, which helps teens and parents with the tedious task of applying to college.

The site addresses questions like:

  • Should you apply to safety schools and how many or which ones?
  • Should you apply to a school based on location (for instance, if you like snow boarding do you apply to a school in Colorado or Vermont?  The answer is: Yes! and my two cents is Colorado!)

You can write in and ask questions at the “Ask Lisa” section on the website.  In the podcast, Lisa Hoffman provides tips on how to conduct the dreaded face to face interview.  Her advice:  read a book.  Often times, admissions officers ask what book students are currently reading.  It can be either fiction or non fiction, but it should be a book you’re reading for leisure versus academics.

Be careful about what you do around friends with a video camera and digital camera, so reckless behavior does not show up on You Tube or Facebook.  This caution definitely applies to budding college students.  Lisa Hoffman says that college admissions officers are scanning the Internet for behind the scenes behavior on all of their applicants.

Bookmark BigFatEnvelope.Net, for tips and help with this phase of your life!

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