MommaJam on 95.9 WATD-FM: Safe Summer Sunscreens

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Test Your Sunscreen.  Click here to rate your sunscreen:  Environmental Working Group’s Sunscreen Report and Safe Sunscreen Calculator

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Safe Sun Protection

Happy Summer! 

The FDA just announce new guidelines for sunscreen that will go into effect on labels next year.  One new guideline is that companies must now limit the maximum SPF value to 50.  No more SPF 90 or 110 or 1,000!

Sunscreen companies are also supposed to avoid words misleading words like water proof on the label.

 To Lather or Not

There are several schools of thoughts on sunscreen.  Some people say the chemicals in sunscreen are cancerous and you are better off not using it to prevent your skin from absorbing dangerous chemicals.

And, you get the benefits of healthy vitamin D from the sun.  Sunscreen actually blocks your body from getting much needed vitamin D.

No sunscreen at all may be a bit harsh, because the sun is strong and sun burns hurt and cause aging.  Kids and sunburns don’t mix.

Safe Sunscreen Resource for Parents

A great resource for finding the right sunscreen for your family is the Environmental Working Group or

This group been tracking hundreds of sunscreen products and you can plug in a sunscreen brand and product name in it’s calculator to see how it ranks on a scale of 1 – 8 with 8 being the worst.  (See link above.)

You’d be surprised at which popular sunscreens are not good for your body.  This is important for people who live on the South Shore because we go to the beach a lot or have a boating lifestyle.

EWG’s Sunscreen Report and Calculator website has a Walk of Shame page with bad sunscreens.  Walgreens has a sunscreen that is rated a 3, while some major name brand cosmetic companies like Neutrogena and Aveeno have sunscreens that are ranked much higher.

Plug in your sunscreen and take the list of the top best 20 sunscreens to the store or order a bunch online.   EWG also has a mobile phone app you can down load to use on the go.  Look for a SPF 30 – 50 lotion with zinc in it.   And, reapply every 2 hours.

Other Ways to Combat Sun Exposure

Here are suggestions for other ways to combat sun exposure:

1.  Wear a hat to shade your face.  Have kids wear a baseball hat. has stylish floppy beach hats for moms.

2.  Wear a rash guard.  Old Navy has lots of rash guards for kids for about $10.

3. has great UV Protection Swim wear for everyone in the family.  The shirts are stylish for moms.  Adults should wear rash guards, too!

Just this week, my friend, Michelle, and I joked about how much of drag it is to have reapply sunscreen every 2 hours and she came up with the idea of having spray on suntan lotion that lasts all summer – like a spray on tan.  Now that’s a great invention.

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