Scare Up 5 Spooky Weekend Halloween Activities for Kids

October 28, 2011 at 9:35 am Leave a comment

Pumpkins at the farm

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Boo!  Scare up these top 5 spooky weekend Halloween activities to create holiday fun you’re kids will never forget!

1.  Dim the lights, spread the fog, bring out the critters… Turn a play room fort into a haunted house with a creepy maze and frights at every turn.

2.  Make icky, gooey, squirmy mystery meals… For each meal this weekend, make an icky dish of “bloody worms” (spaghetti in tomato sauce), edible eyeballs (eggs sunny side up with a blueberry in the middle), monster fingers (carrots with dip on the end for nails).  Get creative, turn your pantry into a spookfest.

Get inspiration and recipes from Food & Wine, such as Chocolate Mice, and FamilyFun for goblin feet and other gross sounding treats.

3.  Carve gourds into puny heads… everyone carves pumpkins, but step it up a notch by carving scary faces into gourds.  Also, check out new and different ways to decorate a pumpkin from the Family Chic blog.  We love the Spider’s Nest Pumpkin and Junk Drawer Pumpkin.  These are great ideas for kids with big imaginations (and moms who want to clean out nuts, bolts and other miscellaneous trinkets stuffed in the junk drawer.

4.  Make a playlist of classic and current Halloween music, from the “Monster Mash” to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

5.  Watch a scary movie that is age appropriate (you still want the kids to sleep at night).  Go as scary as you can without killing the mood – literally.  Start with “Haunted Mansion,” starring Eddy Murphy, for the little ones and work up to “Corpse Bride” by the  infamously quirky director, Tim Burton.  Of course, there’s “Carrie,” “Halloween,” and the classic car movie “Christine” by the  notorious Stephen King for older kids and parents who want to get into the spirit of things after hours.

Whaaaaa, hhhhaaaa, hhhaaa!

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