Food Tuesday: Penzeys Spice Shop Kicks in the New Year

December 28, 2011 at 12:05 pm Leave a comment

Penzeys Spices Enhance Flavors

If you’re looking for a change of culinary scenery after a week of traditional ancestral eating, try cooking with spices from Penzeys, which boasts a plethora of A to Z flavors for every dish imaginable.

Some recent favorites include: Vietnamese Cinnamon (the best cinnamon, like top shelf tequila); Double Strength Pure Vanilla Extract (vanilla lovers will never go back to regular strength, which tastes wimpy after a dose of this); Grey Sea Salt (mild, yet flavorful); Coriander (oh, the aroma); and Sweet California Style Paprika (excellent as a rub on slow roasted pork ribs).

The beauty of using spices is that you achieve maximum flavor with minimum effort.  Add the right spice to a dish and within seconds you enhance the flavor ten-fold.

Or, you can easily alter the theme of a dish by adding a particular flavor like Ground Chipolte powder to ground beef for Mexican burgers, for example.  While you’ve got the Ground Chipolte out, you might as well mix up some Good Basic Chili from Penzeys (click to get chili recipe and link to the store’s complete recipe catalog).  This is great dish to make for New Year’s Eve.

Cooking with Penzeys Coriander

Penzeys is a spice store version of Trader Joe’s – it’s a tad quirky with a “homegrown” feel both online and in the store.  The company has a free catalog of products and recipes that you can pick up in a store or get via snail mail after subscribing online.

More than 60 retail stores are located around the U.S.  It’s worth finding a Penzeys store, so you can go in and smell samples of the more than 250 herbs, seasonings and spices sold.  Some prices offer a great deal because you’re buying in bulk, but for fancy, specialty items, like saffron, you’ll pay the standard high price.  Go to to find a retail store near you and start cooking!

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