The Stretching Meals Project: October Sage Garden

October 7, 2012 at 12:01 pm Leave a comment

October Sage Garden

This year, we had so much sage come up in the herb garden.  Sage is a pungent herb that pairs well with melted butter over pasta or ravioli.  If you’re garden is bursting with sage this season, store it in the freezer.  Sage freezes well.

Here are five easy steps for Stretching Sage:

1. Cut stems with leaves from garden, brush or rinse off dirt and let dry.

2. Pull off leaves.  Compost stems.

3. In a plastic container, layer paper towel-sage leaves, paper towel-sage leaves until top of container.

4. Label with date and freeze.

Fresh, Frozen Sage Leaves

5. Use sage leaves as needed through the winter.

As you can see here, these frozen, fresh sage leaves look beautiful and are ready to go into any dish as if just picked from the garden.

Try melting the leaves in butter and drizzling over pasta or fall flavored ravioli filled with butternut squash.  Or, for a lower calorie version, sauté sage leaves in olive oil for just a few minutes and sprinkle with a pinch of ground sea salt.  Mmmmm.  Warm, hearty, delicious.  Enjoy!


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