MommaJam on 95.9 WATD-FM: Vitamins for Kids

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We are kicking off the new year at MommaJam with an important theme:  family wellness.  For the entire month of January we are talking about how to keep your kids healthy.

This week we are talking about vitamins for kids.

1.  How to Buy Vitamins for Kids

How do you pick the right vitamins for kids?  It’s actually tricky.  The biggest piece is label reading. Take time to read vitamin bottle labels to ensure your kids are getting 100 percent of the vitamin dose you want.

Some vitamins require two pills to get the full 100 percent dose.  If you have a child who has trouble chewing or swallowing vitamins, you want to buy a vitamin brand that has the full dose with one pill or chewy (dinosaur, Flintstone, gummy bear, etc.)

Also, read the label to see if the vitamin is gluten-free.  Believe it or not, some vitamins have gluten fillers.  If your child is allergic to gluten, you obviously want to avoid a vitamin brand with gluten.  Most packages without gluten have a label that says “gluten-free.”

2.  Top Vitamins for Kids 

The most basic vitamin is a multivitamin.  Omega-3 fish oil capsules for improved brain function are also popular today.

Jeff and Ilene Hills from Healthy Appetites did a “vitamins for kids” segment on 95.9 WATD-FM in August to help families get ready for school.  It’s a great segment to listen to again this month because we are getting our kids back into the groove of school and their weekly activities.  Some kids have a lot of anxiety over going back to school or starting a new after school program.

Always talk to your family pediatrician before you giving your children vitamins and supplements.

3.  Eat Healthy and Exercise

The best way to keep kids healthy is through eating whole foods and exercise.  This is vital.  Keep kids moving all day.  And, eat real food as a family – not pre-packaged junk.

We we are talking about cooking real food and ways to get kids moving next week and throughout January, so stay tuned to MommaJam on 95.9 WATD-FM.

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