MommaJam on 95.9 WATD-FM: 5 Tips for Bringing Baby to the Beach

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In 2005, when MommaJam was a rookie mom going to the beach with a baby was full of drama.  Looking back as the veteran mom:  SIMPLIFY!

You will get through the day!

Here are the top 5 things you need for a successful day at the beach this summer:

1.  Shade

The most important item for beach babies is shade.   OneStepAhead has great baby cabanas in cute colors and styles.  These portable tents are easy to open and close and are the prefect spot for an afternoon nap (for the baby… I mean mom… I mean the baby…)

2.  Beach Stroller

Any jogging stroller that can handle terrain will do.  While I did bring the car seat/baby bucket to the beach a few times, you really want a place to park your baby, but can also move around.  Jogging strollers let you take a walk, induce a nap (baby), explore, and more.  Plus, jogging strollers make  nice sherpas.

3.  Baby-Friendly Sun Screen

Interestingly, the FDA doesn’t recommend sunscreen for babies, opting for shade instead.  However, that’s not entirely realistic (and not much fun)!  The Badger brand has a gentle sunscreen lotion with camomile that the company says is appropriate for babies under 6 months.  Go to for a full sunscreen report on what’s safe for babies, toddlers, bigger kids and adults.


Hydrate.  Nuff said.

5.  LUNCH for mom! 🙂

CRITICAL!  🙂  Make this ahead of time – like the night before – so it’s ready to go.  Make sure lunch is easy to eat with one hand.

Most of all, have fun, take pictures and pray for nap time.


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