MommaJamMommaJam is a crank up the volume, shout out loud radio feature for mothers.  The talk radio style show covers MOP Culture (mom pop culture), including everything from style, entertainment, news and trends – all from a mom’s point of view.  The show also discusses serious issues, such as the food allergy epidemic, afflicting families today.

“MommaJam is a fun way for parents to stay connected,” said Sara Eberle, MommaJam’s host and founder.  “The shows are designed to have an edge.  We provide information that is meaningful to mothers, but is presented in a way that is authentic.  Some shows will make you laugh out loud and nod knowingly, others could make you cry.”

The topics are  appropriate for moms in all stages of parenthood, from baby to teenagers.

MommaJam is an empowering place where motherhood is celebrated.  “The shows offer access to creative people in the know and provide resources that will help make life a little easier,” said Eberle.  “It’s a place to get a break, but also learn something new to get through the day.”

MommaJam Radio reaches a nationwide audience, but focuses mostly on topics for moms on Boston’s South Shore.  If you have a topic MommaJam should cover, please send email to host Sara Eberle at saraeberle@mac.com to request an interview date or provide story suggestions.  MommaJam wants to talk about what you want to hear.

MommaJam on 95.9 WATD-FM

95.9 WATDEvery Thursday at 7:10 a.m. ET, Sara Eberle dials into 95.9 WATD-FM, a top radio station on the South Shore of Boston, Mass., to talk about all of the happenings at MommaJam.  Tune in to listen LIVE on 95.9 WATD-FM or get the instant replays right here at the MommaJam website.

About Sara Eberle, MommaJam’s Host

Sara Eberle produces and hosts MommaJam, a parenting podcast that covers MOP Culture (mom pop culture).  She has two children, ages 9 and 11.  Sara realized mothers need edgy, stimulating conversation and connections to other parents, since being at home with young children can be isolating.  Conversely, working moms can feel out of the loop, since they are not a part of the daily play date social circle.  She launched MommaJam in 2008 as creative outlet for herself, as well as for inspiration to other mothers who want a moment to laugh out loud or cry with their peers.  MommaJam is geared for all types of parents, whether staying-at-home or working, who face the everyday challenges of taking care of their children and teenagers.

In 2008, Sara was a contributing writer for Parents and Kids magazine.  She has also written for FamilyFun and Night Sky magazines.  In 2005, Sara wrote a monthly column called, The New Mom, for the Lincoln Journal and Lexington Minuteman, two newspapers in metro Boston.  She also covers lifestyle and food for South Shore Living magazine.

Prior to MommaJam and being a writer and mother, Sara owned a public relations firm in Los Angeles.  She is an entrepreneur at heart and, after running a business and being in the thick of pop culture and emerging technologies for 15 years, she is happily raising her children and dreaming up the next big step for MommaJam.


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