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5 Fun Places to Explore this Memorial Day Weekend and Beyond

MommaJam on WATD

Click arrow to hear the replay of MommaJam on 95.9 WATD-FM with the South Shore Morning News hosts Lisa Azizian and Rob Hakala.

Pack a Picnic, Explore and Meander Along these Hidden Gems on the South Shore
1.  Weir River Farm and Whitney and Thayer woods, which is near Weir River Farm – Hingham and Cohasset.  I love this place because they offer an outside Story Hour for little kids every Wednesday June to September, 10 – 11 a.m.  After story time, wander through the trails off the farm and into Whitney and Thayer woods where you’ll find bridges over streams, carefully sited benches, a hermit’s shelter, and secluded holly grove. 
2.  World’s End in Hingham.  You’ll feel like you’re miles away from the “real world” at this unique destination featuring rolling hills, rocky shorelines, sweeping views of the Boston skyline and tree-lined carriage paths.
3.  Francis William Bird Park inWalpole has meandering pathways and artisan-built stone bridges at this family-friendly park of open fields, groves of trees, and frog ponds.
4.  Holly Hill Farm in Cohasset, a beautiful organic working farm.  Make sure you print out clues to the hidden Quest – South Shore Quests  – – to help your kids explore the farm.  Questing is a summer “must do” with your kids.
5.  South Shore Natural Science Center and Hornstra Farms in Norwell.  Explore animals and trails and get ice cream after Hornstra Farms.

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Celebrate Earth Day April 15 at Stop & Shop Hingham

Earth DayCelebrate Earth Day early!

Stop & Shop and Ben & Jerry’s are teaming up on April 15th from 11:00 am to 2 pm to raise awareness about climate change, focus on environment stewardship and encourage customers to be part of the solution by using reusable bags and reducing waste.

As part of the effort, you can celebrate the “First Taste of Summer” Ice Cream social at the Hingham Stop & Shop (400 Lincoln Street) on Wednesday, April 15th from 11 to 2 pm in the store’s parking lot.  Everyone is invited!

  • Hear Co-Founder Jerry Greenfield of Ben & Jerry’s live and in action discussing climate change
  • Enjoy a FREE SCOOP of favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavors from 11-2 pm along with a DJ and giveaways

For more than 40 years, Earth Day, April 22, has helped to mobilize the environmental movement and promote green policies at home and all over the world. As a responsible retailer, The Stop & Shop Supermarket Company LLC has a long track record of looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and help customers go green on Earth Day and every day.

“This event will raise awareness about the importance of taking small steps to protect the environment. An easy way to reduce the impact of too many plastic bags ending up in landfills and waterways is to encourage our customers to bring their reusable bags with them each time they shop,” said Jihad Rizkallah, Vice President of Responsible Retailing. “These bags are environmentally friendly, larger and fit more groceries than a traditional plastic grocery bag.”

“At Ben & Jerry’s we are asking people to get involved in the climate movement by joining, a global web movement that brings people-powered politics to decision-making everywhere, and calling on world leaders to support a transition to 100% clean energy.” said Jerry Greenfield, co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s. “We are happy and proud to support Stop & Shop and their customers on their Earth Day efforts.”

Jerry Greenfield will speak at noon to customers and associates in the store parking lot. Shopper can enjoy music as DJ Lisa from WXKS-FM will be spinning tunes along with another DJ as well. Giveaways will be handed out and free Ben & Jerry’s ice cream scoops will be available.

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MommaJam on 95.9 WATD: Easter and Passover Traditions with Kids

Chalkboard EggsNew Ways to Color Easter Eggs

Spring is here, and with Easter about two weeks away – Sunday April 5 – now is the time to plan when your family is going to color eggs this holiday season.

South Shore Mamas, a popular parenting blog on the South Shore, has a recent post with lots of fun, new ways to color eggs. My favorite is the chalk board paint style.  You can buy chalk board paint at your local craft or hardware store.  Obviously, these eggs are NOT edible, but they are cute looking! Other fun ideas that South Shore Mamas includes are:

  •  Washi Tape.  Washi tape is a great creative supply to have in your craft bin.  Staples and cute tape, an online store, have a hugeWashi Tape selection of colorful washi tape.  It’s not cheap – in fact several rolls make a great birthday gift for kids who are into crafting – but worth the few extra dollars for  beautiful designs and colors.

Related Story:  Washi Tape Discussed on MommaJam

  • Tattoos!  Every mom has tattoos leftover from birthday party goodie bags.  Gather them up and use them to decorate eggs this year.  Or, buy a certain style that you like – hearts, rainbows, bunnies, etc.  Go to South Shore Mamas for the complete tutorial on coloring Easter Eggs.

Click arrow to hear the replay of MommaJam on 95.9 WATD’s South Shore Morning News Show with Rob Hakala and Lisa Azizian.  

We’ve talked about the MommaJam kitchen brewing up natural dyes for Easter Eggs a few years ago…. it was a true science experiment!  While it was fun and healthy, we found natural dyes don’t have the same vibrant punch as the Paas tablets.  If you want bright colors, go for the store bought kits.

Related Story:  Coloring Eggs with Natural Dyes Discussed on MommaJam

Kid-Friendly Passover Dinners 

Passover starts the evening of April 3.  Time for menu planning.  It’s hard for little kids to “do without” for a week, so we’re sharing PopSugar’s ideas for kid-friendly dinners during Passover.  My favorite idea is the brisket taco with a matzo soft taco shells – matzo meal replaces the corn mesa.

Also, try making matzo at home with kids with this recipe from Kitchn, a terrific website for anyone who likes to cook.  This easy recipe also demonstrates how bread doesn’t rise and provides a history lesson for kids of all religious backgrounds.

MommaJam airs live every Thursday at 7:10 a.m. ET on 95.9 WATD-FM.  Listen live on the radio dial at 95.9 or from your iPhone or iPad device or desktop.

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MommaJam on 95.9 WATD-FM: 4 Fun Tips for Valentines Day

Red Velvet Cupcakes, Photo and Recipe By Kitchen Scoop

Red Velvet Cupcakes Photo and Recipe By Kitchen Scoop

Click Arrow for Replay of MommaJam on 95.9 WATD-FM, Feb. 7, 2013

Here are 4 fun tips for celebrating Valentine’s Day with your family.95.9 WATD

1.  Crafts!  

Get out the glitter, get out the glue.  Valentine’s Day is the best holiday for crafts with kids.  You could spring for the boxed cards from the super market, but it’s way more fun to create homemade valentines.  Use magic markers, colored paper, stickers, glitter and glue to create one of a kind Valentines.  Get your supplies today, so you have every thing you need to work on the project over the weekend during the blizzard.  Don’t forget to make cards for your favorite teachers, crossing guards and other special people in your kids’ lives.

2.  Kick off Valentine’s Day Week with Pink Pancakes

We talk a lot about cooking on MommaJam.  This idea is from Tara Hollander of Doorknock Dinner, a company in Norwell that makes homemade meals and delivers them to your door step.

Tara suggests getting creative in the kitchen with your kids by make pink heart-shaped pancakes on the griddle.

Use roasted, peeled and then ****pureed beets instead of sketchy red food coloring.  Fold the beets into the pancake batter to make it turn pink.  Top pancakes with fresh sliced strawberries and homemade whipped cream.   This is a great idea for the weekend.   We have pancakes every Sunday morning.  We are going to kick off Valentine’s Day Week with Tara’s Pink Pancakes.

*** Test Kitchen Note:  Try juice from defrosted frozen raspberries instead of beets for sweet taste.

3.  Make Heart Shaped Sandwiches for Kids

Mandy Keith, owner of Yummy Mummy Meals Workshop suggests making a Valentine’s Day lunch.  Cut kids’ sandwiches into heart shapes and add fruit shaped hearts to their plates.  This is a fun way to surprise your kids next Thursday on Valentine’s Day.  They will love it when they open their lunch box at school and see heart shaped foods.  Make the moment extra special and pack a sweet  Valentine’s Day note.

Mandy runs Yummy Mummy Meals Workshop out of her home in Hanover.  She teaches moms how to prepare a series of meals and gives you the ingredients to take home and later make the meals on your own.

During February, Yummy Mummy Meals Workshop is making Dishes with with a romance flair, such as Tender Loving Tenderloin.

4.  Splurge on Treats! 

We just finished a January series on wellness… but every now and then it’s fun to splurge.

Three words:  Red Velvet Cupcakes.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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MommaJam on 95.9 WATD-FM: 6 Tips for Getting Kids to Eat Real Food, Not Junk

Pomegranate Power!

Pomegranate Power!

How do you inspire kids to eat whole foods?

The two hardest parts to overcome are convenience and habit.

Here are 6 tips for getting your whole family into a healthier eating lifestyle.

1.  Flavor!

Believe it or not, kids love yummy food just as much as grown ups.  Start by making fun, flavorful dishes right in your own kitchen.  Have healthy, fresh snacks readily available – red pepper slices, cucumber circles, and homemade hummus, which is so easy to make.

[audio] Click ARROW for AUDIO Replay of MommaJam on 95.9 WATD-FM, Jan. 24, 2013.

2.  Explain Where Food Comes From

Teach kids how to cook and teach kids where food comes from:  is it imported from Italy, South America or California?  Explain to kids the difference between manufactured foods infused with chemicals and preservatives like hydrogenated trans fats, which are linked to cancer, versus fresh from your backyard garden, CSA or local, regional supplier of fresh fruits and vegetables like South Shore Organics.

Also discuss topics, such heritage cooking and whether a recipe is passed down from your family or certain region in the world.

3.  Use Cookbooks

Three cookbooks we suggest:

Keys to the Kitchen by Aida Mollencamp, a new overall cookbook that is a beautiful Cooking 101 Cookbook with family-friendly recipes.

Naptime Chef by Kelsey Banfield has easy recipes that busy moms can make while taking care of the kids.

Tyler Makes Pancakes by chef Tyler Florence is  fun book about where food comes from and culminates in making pancakes.

All of these are available at the Westwinds Bookshop in Duxbury.

4.  Take Cooking Lessons

Take a family cooking lesson or let kids take their own lessons to learn basic skills, new recipes or new food genre.

The South Shore Seafood Exchange is teaching lessons on how to cook with fish on Friday, Jan. 25 at the Maritime Center in Scituate.  My favorite provider of fresh fruits and vegetables, South Shore Organics, will be there.

5.  Let Kids Loose in the Kitchen 

The part!?  Let kids loose in the kitchen.  Have kids create their dishes, recipes and shopping lists.   More advanced kids can even make a budget for their menu items to get a better understanding of how much food costs.

Project Idea:  Make a family cookbook with iPhone photos and everyone’s favorite recipes.  Kids love getting involved in a project and having them design and create their own cookbook or a family cookbook is a winner on many levels.

While creating your cookbook, your kitchen becomes a bonafide Test Kitchen.  This is a great way to get kids to try new foods.

6.  Have fun!  

Check out the MommaJam on 95.9 WATD-FM interview with top chef Denise Herrera from Burtons Grill to learn how to set up a your own turnover bar – it’s a fun segment packed with ideas for cooking with kids.

Tune into MommaJam every Thursday at 7:10 a.m. ET live on 95.9 WATD-FM’s South Shore Morning News with Rob Hakala and Lisa Azizian.  Listen live on the radio dial at 95.9 or from your iPhone or iPad device or desktop.  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for daily updates.

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MommaJam on 95.9 WATD-FM: Burtons Grill Serves Up Deliciousness

MommaJam on WATDAll chefs have their secrets…. we were lucky to tap into the secrets of the top chef at Burtons Grill last week while chatting about all of the different and local flavors on the menu at this Hingham hotspot.

Chef Denise Herrera and Burtons Grill general manager in Hingham, Stephen Slicis, set up a tasting table at the 95.9 WATD-FM studios to showcase some of the amazing dishes that are “must” haves when dining in or taking out from this upscale, yet casual dining destination.

Believe it or not, Burtons Grill does a large take out business – many people call in their favorite dishes to pick up.  Parking is generally easy in the back section of the Derby Street Shoppes, making take out a viable option for days/nights when you’re in a rush or have something else on the agenda like getting kids to their evening activities.  But, back to the tasting table and secret ingredients…..

Yuzu is a lemon-lime type fruit from China.  We learned that Yuzu is a secret ingredient in the creamy, tangy White Bean

This lemony lime fruit, Yuzu, is a secret ingredient in the White Bean Hummus at Burtons Grill

This lemony lime fruit, Yuzu, is a secret ingredient in the White Bean Hummus at Burtons Grill

Hummus at Burtons Grill.  Other dishes on the tasting table were All Natural Pan Roasted Chicken over Crispy Polenta and served with a Sweet Carrot Buerre Blanc Sauce and Sausage Provolone Fritters made with Italian aborio rice.

Click the arrow to hear the replay of Burtons Grill on MommaJam with the South Shore Morning News crew, Rob Hakala and Lisa Azizan, at the 95.9 WATD-FM studios.

Burtons Grill DrinksFeeling Fallish?  Right now Burtons Grill is rolling out fresh new seasonal fare featuring Autumn Pork Tenderloin grilled to perfection and served with cider donut stuffing and caramelized blueberries.  Or, try Butternut Ravioli with pumpkin sage cream, cranberry chutney and toasted pumpkin seeds.

Sip on signature drinks created by Burtons Grill’s award-winning mixologists, like the Caramel Apple-tini in a Cinnamon and Sugar dusted-rim glass.  While you’re at Burtons Grill, join the B Loyal Rewards Program. Earn one point for every dollar spent and receive immediate discounts off your bill.

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C+ for Brown Bag Lunches… 5 Tips for Packing a Nutritious School Lunchbox

Parents Need to Step up Brown Bag School Lunches

Parents Need to Step up Brown Bag School Lunches

Normally on MommaJam, we don’t speak about school until September.  But, a new Study from Tufts University is making headlines this week, suggesting that school cafeteria options are now healthier than home packed lunches and snacks.

Jeanne Goldberg, Ph.D., R.D., a professor at Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University who wrote the report says, “Lunches (studied) were comprised more of packaged foods than anything else.  Almost a quarter of the lunches lacked what would be considered an entrée, such as a sandwich or leftovers, and were instead made up of a variety of packaged snack foods and desserts.”

The study found that only 27% of the lunches met at least three of the five National School Lunch Program standards.

In some ways, that is good news:  the government now has strict nutrition guidelines for school lunches.  But, parents packing lunch boxes need to step it up.

This week’s MommaJam covers school lunches with tips for how to get an A+.

 1.  Serve dinner for lunch.  If you’re making homemade pizza, chicken cutlets or chili for dinner, make extras for school lunch the next day.  This routine will make your life much easier through the week.

2.  Go for easy protein, says Denise Herrera, the top chef at Burtons Grill, Hingham.  “Try hard boiled eggs for lunch or snack.  Pack Greek yogurt-based dips and hummus for veggies like cucumbers and carrots and Baby Bell cheese.

3.  Be resourceful.  Freeze organic yogurt tubes and add them into lunch boxes as a cold pack.  By the time lunch rolls around the yogurt will be thawed enough to eat.  Avoid the high sugar types.

 4.  Pack water.  Skip the sugary juice box and send along a bottle of water instead to get your child in the habit of working toward his/her optimal fluid intake (experts recommend one consume about .5 ounces of water per pound of body weight), says Merilee Kern, the creator of the new ground-breaking “Kids Making Healthy Choices” APP for children, parents/caregivers and educators (available on iTunes) for $2.99.  The app has recipes and meal ideas and more.

5.  Pack real food, not packaged junk.  “Tuna fish is packed with oh-so-beneficial Omega-3 fatty acids.  Mix it with low-fat mayonnaise and diced apple for a wrap or sandwich,” says Kern.  “Almond Butter Banana Bites are great for snacks.”

95.9 WATDTo get more information and to hear WATD’s South Shore Morning News Co-Hosts Rob Halaka and Lisa Azizian reminisce about their home-packed lunches, click the arrow for the MommaJam replay on Aug. 12, 2014.  We talk lunch and more with tips and information about healthy eating for kids.

We’ve covered Healthy School Lunches extensively on MommaJam.  Here’s a link to more ideas and resources:

Tips for Healthy School Lunches

Interview with Burtons Grill Top Chef Denise Herrera:  Packing a Healthy School Lunch

MommaJam on 95.9 WATD-FM: Healthy School Lunches & Tomato Season

Back-to-School: Go Trash Free with Laptop Lunches

MommaJam on 95.9 WATD-FM: Green Chic Snack Bags & Retro Lunch Boxes

MommaJam on 95.9 WATD-FM:  Fall Flavors – Interview with Burtons Grill Hingham

MommaJam on 95.9 WATD-FM: 6 Tips for Healthy Grocery Shopping

MommaJam on 95.9 WATD-FM: 6 Tips for Getting Kids to Eat Real Food, Not Junk

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